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Through the land of baron Ringhoffer

Natural Trail  

The trail commemorates this prominent 19th-century industrialist, who exerted a major influence on the landscape of the Velké Popovice and Kamenice regions. Baron František Ringhoffer was the owner of an engineering empire in the Smíchov district of Prague and a representative of the social elite of the time, but he also founded the brewery in Velké Popovice and many other companies such as a copper mill, sawmill, brickworks, and a dairy plant. He and his family meticulously looked after the surrounding landscape. They planted avenues of trees, improved the roads and the area around their castle residence at Štiřín and around Kamenice Castle. Their care for the countryside is evident even today.

The nature trail “Through the Land of Baron Ringhoffer” takes you on an exceptional stroll in the surroundings outside Prague. It offers beautiful views of the Velkopopovicko Nature Park and the countryside of Posázaví, or an excursion through the brewery in Velké Popovice and a taste of its traditional Velkopopovický Kozel beer. The trail includes a walk down an avenue of trees leading up to the tomb of the Ringhoffer family, a visit to the church and rotunda, the Jewish cemetery in Kostelec u Křížků, and other places worth seeing.

The trail is 20 km long and includes a total of 10 information boards along the way.  It can be reached by integrated Prague public transport. The starting point is in Mirošovice, which you can get to by train, railway line 221: Main Railway Station Prague – Benešov u Prahy. The trail ends in Kamenice, where it is possible to take the bus back to Prague up to the Budějovická metro station.

Names and locations of information boards

1. Starting point of the trail (Mirošovice – railway station, 0.0 km)
2. The layout of the Ringhoffer countryside (Dolní Lomnice, 2.8 km)
3. Forest wells (Habří, 6.6 km)
4. The past and present of the Velké Popovice Brewery (Velké Popovice, 8.2 km)
5. Velkopopovicko Nature Park (Mokřanský Creek, 10.8 km)
6. Štiřín Castle (Struhařovský pond, 13.8 km)
7. Kamenice mills (Kamenice 15.8 km)
8. The life and work of Baron František Ringhoffer (The Ringhoffer tomb, 16.8 km)
9. The Rotunda and Church of St. Martin (Kostelec u Křížků, 18.4 km)
10. The end of the trail (Kamenice – bus station, 20.3 km)




Bike trail

This bike trail runs along forest paths and minor roads across the rolling landscape of the Velkopopovicko Nature Park and the National Nature Reservation of Voděradské Bučiny. You will see villages and churches as reproduced by the brush of Josef Lada (Czech painter and writer), the Sázava River, lush forests, the Velké Popovice Brewery, the Ondřejov Observatory, the castle ruins in Říčany and Senohraby, and Berchtold Castle with its Children’s Paradise. The axis of this circular route is the railway line running from the main train station in Prague to Benešov. The trail can be shortened or divided up using it, for example, at the railway station in Senohraby, which is situated at roughly the halfway point of the circuit.  

The length of the circuit is 76 km and it directly links up to the Greenway cycle route between Prague and Vienna.


Other cycle routes that run through the village of Velké Popovice: Route No. 0028 Pyšely - Dobřejovice and  No. 0029 Strančice – Nová Grybla

Sightseeing destinations in the region:

Lada Landscape
Berchtold Castle
Štiřín Castle
Jemniště Castle
Průhonice Castle
Konopiště Castle
Josef Lada Museum, Hrusice
Ondřejov Observatory
Jílové u Prahy Mining Museum
Bisport Watersports Centre in Týnec nad Sázavou