Tour Routes

Our guide always leads tours of the Velké Popovice brewery. The tour starts at the Visitor’s Centre and continues through the picturesque brewery courtyard. You will visit our current brewhouse, where you will be acquainted with the process of brewing beer and the ingredients we use to make our beer. You will find out about the varied history of the brewery and hear the story of the founding Ringhoffer family.

You will tour the historic brewhouse dating from 1928 and the lager cellars, where you will be offered a sample of unfiltered Velkopopovický Kozel beer, drawn from a unique tap. You will view the bottling and barrelling room and also the exhibition of beer labels, loading, shipping and export of our beer abroad.

And you will also meet our live billy goat Olda, our brewery’s mascot. At the end of the tour you must visit our Kozel Gift Shop, which is located in the Visitor’s Centre, where you can choose a gift for yourself, your family or friends.

  • “Follow the Goat” brewery tour 

The classic tour with an explanation of the beer brewing process and a visit to our brewery’s production areas within the terms of the Follow the Goat visitor’s route. We do not offer school groups beer during the tour if any of the students are under 18 years of age.

The Pilsner Urquell Brewery, which includes the Velké Popovice brewery, is the leading brewing company in Central Europe and also sets an example in the field of responsibility.  We understand public concerns in relation to consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors, and therefore, our marketing policy is strictly aimed at people over 18 years of age.  A responsible approach is also reflected in the brewery tour routes.  If an underage person is accompanied by a person 18 years or older who is fully authorised to perform legal actions (for example, parent, teacher, guide, group leader), we accept that responsibility over the minor or over the group of visitors is assumed by that person including the decision regarding what guided tour the group with the minor will take.