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10 barrels of Kozel Světlý for goulash recipes and their happy winners

Goulash recipes collecting into the Biggest Kozel Cookbook is over. We’ve received more than 3000 wonderful recipes. Ten drawn cooks  won a barrel of Kozel Světlý for their contribution.

Kozel’s autumn opportunity aiming to show the heights of Czech goulash enthusiasm has ended. Over the two-month run,  fans were able to upload their favorite recipes through Facebook site we were able to gather over 3000 of them. Ten happy winners were drawn from the collection  of recipe authors and they will all receive a barrel of Kozel Světlý. The names of our winners are: Tomáš Mika, Jiří Brkl, Zuzana Cejzlarová, Gabriela Pokorná, Martin Peterka, Michal Kazlepka, Markéta Vlčková, Monika Vrchotová, Lukáš Lacko, and Michaela Rybáčková.

We would like to congratulate to winners and thank to all other recipe contributors – we’ve succeeded in putting together the biggest goulash cookbook and we were able to confirm the fact that Czechs really know how to cook  goulash.