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Pork delicacies smelled throughout all of Velké Popovice

On Saturday 9 March, the Velké Popovice brewery hosted the traditional Lada pork feast. Visitors savoured pork delicacies and the best beer while listening to accordion music. 

One of the biggest happenings at the Velké Popovice brewery is over. This year,  Lada’s pork feast was – just like every other year – in the spirit of good food and drink.

Butchers  served pork, barmen tapped Kozel and a local accordionist played so everyone enjoyed the time.

The whole brewery premises turned  the clock back to happier times when a pig-slaughtering brought everyone in the vicinity together. A spirit of the past  was brought back by not only work of skilled smiths but also by booths with lots of different local products and delicacies. And for anyone with a full belly, there was always time out at the brewery exhibition.

We would like to thank all the visitors for an unforgettable Saturday and we look forward to meeting you all next year!